The Difference is Decor

The Decor Difference is the unique result of our people,purpose,product and culture.It translates to a unique opportunity,a unique experience,and a unique business.
It means a strong culture,solid partnerships and happy customers.It means we care about every grain of detail.



At 188bet娱乐Decor Cabinets,people matter.We are dedicated to being a place where people want to work and are able to contribute their best.A place where people skills and values are truly respected.A place where people can grow and excel.


Beauty,craftsmanship,professionalism and care — These are the results of the Decor difference.They're what set us apart and define us.Our culture is ingrained into every piece we create and our purpose gives it energy,butour people give it life.

You can findour highly customizableframeless cabinetryunder the following 9 brand names:


We don't just creategreat products,we strive for quality,growth and above all,success in everything we do.We're able to reach our goals because of a higher purpose;because our people believe in them,and we believe in our people.


Decor's company culture reflectsour community's values.Our results are based on who we are and how we interact with each other,our partners and our customers.Our sincere and honest approach guides everything we do.